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Quality policy

Continuous improvement and the guarantee of our products’ compliance with the Customers’ requirements were the driving forces leading to Lariotechnik’s adoption of a certified quality system in line with UNI EN ISO9001 protocols.

Lariotechnik is well aware that it has to face daily, on the global market, situations requiring a continual increase in product quality. Believing that prevention is the best answer, it aims for optimization and perfection of its production processes.

Certification of Quality Standards takes place in the following stages:
  • Identification of processes necessary for the QS and their application throughout the organization.
  • Identification of production process sequences and the interactions.
  • Identification of criteria and methods needed to ensure effective functioning and control of the processes identified.
  • Guaranteed availability of the resources and information necessary to back functioning and monitoring of the production processes.
  • Constant monitoring, measuring and analysis of processes.
  • Implementation of actions necessary to achieve the programmed results and ongoing improvement of these processes.

The quality policy thus developed enables Lariotechnik to create products that are guaranteed as:
  • Suited to market requirements.
  • Compliant with Customers’ stated needs.
  • Suitable for their specified or expected use.
  • Deliverable within the programmed times.
  • Competitively priced.