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Surface treatments

Lariotechnik always aims to provide products “ready for use”, and so works daily to meet customers’ requests concerning surface treatments:
  • Tumble finishing: to improve the surface finishing of pressed items, eliminating production residues such as oils and froth.
  • Electrophoresis: Lariotechnik guarantees satisfaction of customers’ requests regarding thicknesses to a minimum threshold above 40 µm and duration sufficient for salt spray tests.
  • Galvanization, Nickel Zinc: Both processes have a deposit thickness from 7 to 30 µm and are rust-resistant in salt spray for up to 720 hours.
  • Sand blasting:2 belt sand blasters enable achievement of surfaces suitable for subsequent processes.

Our compliance with regulations required by the automobile industry (Daimler, VW, BMW, etc) is a further guarantee factor for the qualitative level of our Electrophoresis, Galvanization and Nickel Zinc treatments.